Breath After Coma - Orestes T. (Vox, Guitars, Music), Theo "kaos" Matthaios (Guitars, Music, Lyrics), Kostas K. (Bass,Music), Vaggelis K. (Drums, Music, Lyrics)

We live in Athens, Greece. We are a 4 piece alternative rock and roll band with love for loud and sentimental music. 

Our Moto is "We live, we jam, we speak the truth. We rock, we walk, we seek the roots".

We wish to know you all from wherever you are in this world and share words and melodies and finally be real again. Rock and roll should be about sharing emotions, opening new horizons, and yes having FUN!

3 of us (Theo, Vagg & Kostas) got together in the summer of 2013 and started developing our jamming sessions into a rather conceptual work. Later on Orestes jumped onboard to scream and shout and twang that thang. Our music is organic. No more edits and fake sounds. This is us. Now. It will never be the same again. Our recordings are a photo glimpse of our lives this period. See us. Listen to us. Tell us your story. We want to hear you.

See you soon in person.